52 Games – Part 1

I had a little difficulty picking the first game to play for this year of gaming.  I have a lot of games on my shelf that are just begging for me to play them to completion.  I did however manage to make a decision.  I chose this game because I’ve barely played this version before now, but I have been meaning to play it because I absolutely love it (and the series).  So without further ado, game number 1 is…


This might take a while…

It’s worth noting that I didn’t actually finish the original Kingdom Hearts.  I got a little stuck with the final boss (apparently I was severely underleveled, as if that’s a thing…).

Ready or not, here I come!



  1. Absolute classic. I saw your more recent update and I just HAD to find out what it’s all about. I never got to play the final mix version of this one, but I can see how you could get stuck since KH is notorious for it’s difficulty spikes.

    Nevertheless, enjoy. 😉


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