52 Films – Part 2

I meant to post this last night.  Somehow I forgot.  I think I was sleepy?  Oh well.  Here we go!




This film was recommended by two people.  One who loved it, and one who did not like it at all.  Somehow I ended up finding myself somewhere in the middle.  I think the idea behind it is really got, and some of the shots are pretty amazing.  But I just found myself disappointed by the end of it.  The main characters felt really undeveloped, and I’m not totally convinced Ryan Gosling was the right person for the main role.  The support characters seemed to have way more back story than the 2 lead characters.  And then there was this scene:

That Face


That is a rather unusual looking face.  Possibly the only time the lead was fairly intimidating.  I did think Bryan Cranston played his part reasonably well, as did a few other characters, but they all felt rather minor.

It might seem like I’ve just hated on this a bit, but I actually don’t dislike the film.  I just don’t have very strong feelings either way.  I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone though.


In other news…

I have been out today to buy a couple of films, some of which shall be the next couple of films on this list.  I’ll update more closer to the time I’m going to watch them, but I’m hoping I enjoy at least one of these films!


52 Films – Part 1

Well the DVD arrived yesterday, so I’ve been meaning to post this up since then.  Although I hadn’t planned on watching it till Friday.  And I already am.  So without further ado…





This has been on my list for a while.  Since last summer I think.  A friend at work suggested that I watch this (and another also suggested I watch it, but because she did not like the film, and wanted me to agree with her), and ever since then, I’ve pretty much not looked into it.  So it’s first on my list.  Mostly because it’s the one I remembered most recently.  Let’s hope it’s good!