52 Films – Part 2

I meant to post this last night.  Somehow I forgot.  I think I was sleepy?  Oh well.  Here we go!




This film was recommended by two people.  One who loved it, and one who did not like it at all.  Somehow I ended up finding myself somewhere in the middle.  I think the idea behind it is really got, and some of the shots are pretty amazing.  But I just found myself disappointed by the end of it.  The main characters felt really undeveloped, and I’m not totally convinced Ryan Gosling was the right person for the main role.  The support characters seemed to have way more back story than the 2 lead characters.  And then there was this scene:

That Face


That is a rather unusual looking face.  Possibly the only time the lead was fairly intimidating.  I did think Bryan Cranston played his part reasonably well, as did a few other characters, but they all felt rather minor.

It might seem like I’ve just hated on this a bit, but I actually don’t dislike the film.  I just don’t have very strong feelings either way.  I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone though.


In other news…

I have been out today to buy a couple of films, some of which shall be the next couple of films on this list.  I’ll update more closer to the time I’m going to watch them, but I’m hoping I enjoy at least one of these films!


Daily Update #4

So I got some decent news in work today, and then finished work a little early, but I’ve probably not done as much as I should have.  I spent a lot of today catching up on what I’ve missed this week, but tomorrow is my day off.  Which means that fingers crossed, I might get some stuff finished tomorrow.


Word of the Post: Sophist – “One who makes clever, but unsound arguments.”  I have found a word that describes me hauntingly accurately.  I’m sometimes pretty good at arguing something I have no idea about (particularly when the other person also has no idea).  I usually do it for fun though.

Info of the Post: http://zidbits.com/2012/08/do-trees-die-from-old-age/ This makes me feel bad for trees.  Which is weird, because I don’t normally care anything about trees.

News of the Post: Errrrr really tough call here.  Going to go with… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-25766792 – So printed clothes now.  At CES they revealed a 3D printer that could print candy and chocolate shapes.  Which I really want that one.  But printing your own clothes could be pretty cool, as you “could” design your own clothes, or more likely, take someone else’s designs and print them.  There was also an article about improving sight in those going blind, but it had a video of eye surgery.  Not going near that (again).

52 Games Update: Played a fair bit of Kingdom Hearts today, although I got very distracted.  Just finished Deep Jungle, where I repeatedly messed up on White Mushrooms.  Apparently me and any kind of mushroom do not gel well.  I also met another rare monster that was a black magic teapot thing.  It splits into 5 and you have to hit the right one.  First two tries, got it.  Remaining X tries, miserable failure.  And I want a super powered Gummi Ship.  Going to try and rush through as much as I can tomorrow.

52 Books Update: Not much to say here.  I’ve read a bit more today, although I think I need to re-read the last page I read as it’s not really processed properly in my head.  It feels like he’s having 3 arguments in his head.  And confusion is winning.

52 Films Update: So I finished Drive last night.  I’m gonna make a quick post about it.  My thoughts and so on.  I do however need to choose my next film.  I’m going shopping tomorrow so I’m going to look in the dvd shops and see what recommended films I find.  If you have any recommendations, I’ll happily try anything!  This includes foreign films (Pan’s Labyrinth is probably my favourite film), although preferably something easily obtainable.  Or on Netflix.

52 Foods Update: I’ve thought about this the least.  Might try and find some sushi or something tomorrow when I’m out shopping.  Again, any recommendations for foods that you think most people haven’t tried, or just a favourite of yours (because I may not have tried it), feel free to let me know!