Daily Update #4

So I got some decent news in work today, and then finished work a little early, but I’ve probably not done as much as I should have.  I spent a lot of today catching up on what I’ve missed this week, but tomorrow is my day off.  Which means that fingers crossed, I might get some stuff finished tomorrow.


Word of the Post: Sophist – “One who makes clever, but unsound arguments.”  I have found a word that describes me hauntingly accurately.  I’m sometimes pretty good at arguing something I have no idea about (particularly when the other person also has no idea).  I usually do it for fun though.

Info of the Post: http://zidbits.com/2012/08/do-trees-die-from-old-age/ This makes me feel bad for trees.  Which is weird, because I don’t normally care anything about trees.

News of the Post: Errrrr really tough call here.  Going to go with… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-25766792 – So printed clothes now.  At CES they revealed a 3D printer that could print candy and chocolate shapes.  Which I really want that one.  But printing your own clothes could be pretty cool, as you “could” design your own clothes, or more likely, take someone else’s designs and print them.  There was also an article about improving sight in those going blind, but it had a video of eye surgery.  Not going near that (again).

52 Games Update: Played a fair bit of Kingdom Hearts today, although I got very distracted.  Just finished Deep Jungle, where I repeatedly messed up on White Mushrooms.  Apparently me and any kind of mushroom do not gel well.  I also met another rare monster that was a black magic teapot thing.  It splits into 5 and you have to hit the right one.  First two tries, got it.  Remaining X tries, miserable failure.  And I want a super powered Gummi Ship.  Going to try and rush through as much as I can tomorrow.

52 Books Update: Not much to say here.  I’ve read a bit more today, although I think I need to re-read the last page I read as it’s not really processed properly in my head.  It feels like he’s having 3 arguments in his head.  And confusion is winning.

52 Films Update: So I finished Drive last night.  I’m gonna make a quick post about it.  My thoughts and so on.  I do however need to choose my next film.  I’m going shopping tomorrow so I’m going to look in the dvd shops and see what recommended films I find.  If you have any recommendations, I’ll happily try anything!  This includes foreign films (Pan’s Labyrinth is probably my favourite film), although preferably something easily obtainable.  Or on Netflix.

52 Foods Update: I’ve thought about this the least.  Might try and find some sushi or something tomorrow when I’m out shopping.  Again, any recommendations for foods that you think most people haven’t tried, or just a favourite of yours (because I may not have tried it), feel free to let me know!


52 Things to Do This Year…and more

Welcome to my new blog, here to start the new year with a new plan of action.  As is the case with a lot of people, when new year came around, I thought about the things I’d hoped to do last year but never got round to actually doing.  And there was a lot.  So I decided to do something different this year.  Make a plan.  Make a blog so that people could follow me and help motivate me to keep going.

But what to do?

I decided that I wanted to do a couple of things actually.  Partly because I can never decide on just one thing to do, and partly because I thought it might be too easy.  So I’ve decided to do 52 of each item on my list.  So far it’s a short list, because I don’t want to over-extend myself, and also because one of them is a little daunting depending on what I choose for it.  It’s also worth noting that one of my own pet peeves is that I don’t finish things.  I have a tendency to start something and never actually finish it.  So my hope is that this list not only helps me towards that, but also that I finish this list too!

I’ve also decided to do some items every day of the year because I feel like I already do them quite a lot anyway.  They’ll be on a separate list a little further down, but you’ll see that soon enough.

The 52s

1 – Complete 52 video games.

2 – Finish 52 books.

3 – Try 52 new foods.

4 – Watch 52 recommended films.

So I think each item needs a bit of an explanation including the rules I’ve set myself for them, as each one is a tad vague.


Video Games
Speaking of things I don’t finish, this is probably my worst habit.  I have finished video games, but surprisingly more often than not, I will start a game and then stop playing about 10-20 hours into it.  And then never touch it again because something else has come along.  So the rules for video games are as follows:

– Must be a new save file.  No continuing old saves to the end.

– Can be a game I’ve completed before, as long as I follow the above rule.

– Must be a game with an obvious end point.

– Do not need to get every trophy/achievement, just finish the story (or whatever it is).


Similar to video games, if I get bored with a book, there is a high tendency to leave it for eternity.  Unless it’s part of a series that I know gets good…  Anyway, rules similar to above are as follows:

– Must start the book from the beginning.

– Can be a book I’ve read before, as long as I follow the above rule.

– Does not include graphic novels (despite loving them)


I’m fairly notorious to my family for not trying different foods.  I’m also hoping to travel from next year, and I figure I may as well try out different foods before I go so that I get used to trying things I may not necessarily like.  Rules are simple:

– Must not knowingly have tried the food before.

With this category, I’m gonna try and take a photograph of the food I try and upload it.


I tend to get recommended a lot of things, films being a particularly large category for this.  However I rarely go out and watch a film recommended to me unless someone else is about who wants to watch it.  So for this one, I’m gonna try and watch films people suggest.  Thanks to Netflix and Amazon, this might be easier than the other categories.  Maybe.  Rules:

– Must have been recommended the film by someone.

– Must not knowingly have watched the film before.

I already know the first film in this category…

The 365’s

1 – 365 news articles

2 – 365 new words

3 – 365 new pieces of information

4 – 365 Blog posts


News Articles
I’ve already started doing this, but probably prior to the start of last year, I rarely read/watched the news.  And since reading the news pretty much daily, I now realise how much I missed out on.  So I’m going to make the effort to read the news daily.  Even on my days off (which I currently don’t do).  There are no rules to this one, but I shall try to put a link in my blog for each day.


This is one that I’ve seen lots of other people do, but never really thought about doing till now.  I’m quite happy with my vocabulary, but I feel like expanding it could never hurt.  So I shall update each day with a new word and the meaning.  We shall see if it makes a difference after a year.


This is one that people probably do randomly every day.  But I’m going to go out of my way to learn a new piece of information, probably scientific, and see how it goes.  This one feels more significant to me than the last one, because I tend to enjoy listening to podcasts about random things (Stuff that blows your mind is a particular favourite of mine) that teach you something you’d probably never learn unless you went out looking for it.  However now I shall actually go out looking for stuff!  Hurray!


This one should be easier than the rest, but I feel like after spending time on all the rest, it might actually be harder than I think.  Here are some ground rules for myself:

– I’m not keeping to a particular time schedule, but I want all my projects finished by the 13/01/2015.  So a year from this post (it’s after midnight in the UK, so I have till midnight on the 12th next year).

– With the 365 projects, if I miss a day, I need to catch up the next time I do it (so if I do it the next day, I need to do 2).

– Each day needs to have an update post in addition to any others I might make (for instance, after I finish every game/book/etc., I might make a separate post for it) and it must include where I am up to with each project.

– If I decide to add/drop any projects, I must make a separate post explaining why.

– Pictures are very welcome!

And on that note…

So as I am writing this page, I realise I’ve written quite a bit now.  So here’s my last bit of information.

Recommendations/Comments are very welcome.

I’m quite new to the world of blogging, and I appreciate any help that comes my way.  So thanks for reading, and I look forward to a very productive year!